People can only understand from their own level of perception, and we can only interpret or associate any world, symbol or message from our past experiences and studies, and we may not remember what people say but we always remember how they make us feel... I am a Hopeless optimist, and the camera is an extension of myself, my composition is the best way I can share how i feel, my editing is a glimpse into how i see the world around me, and the best of myself I can project onto other people and the world around me.

Veteran Photography Hobbiest
Online Trading Academy Student & Now Employee
Founder of All Things Hollywood & All Things Hollywood Film Festival.
Obsessed with Leading Indicators in the Financial Markets & Media since 2008.
Chairman Of Screen Actors Guild's New Media Committee in 2011 Leading the Evolution of Entertainment, Media, Advertising, Commercial, Distribution and Consumption into the new world of Digital Channels, Online Content, DSLRs and competition of content in the digital age of information and its Implications to Classic mediums and Traditional Content makers as well as Talent Residuals.

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Ruben Landon Dante
August 2017
Houston TX
Los Angeles CA