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Welcome to the Aalto MOSA!C Lab flickr space.


The MOSA!C Lab is led by Prof. Tarik Taleb. The lab belongs to the Communications and Networking Department, School of Electrical Engineering, Aalto University. It consists of a group of highly enthusiastic researchers with strong expertise in different areas relevant to mobile networking and cloud computing. The lab is involved in a number of research projects funded by Tekes, European Commission and EIT ICT Labs. It heavily works on Mobile Network Softwarization and Service Customization. The main research activities are on the following three directions:


- Personalized Mobile Telecom based on big data & network function virtualization technologies.

- Drone-based platform for the delivery of Internet of Things services.

- Social network-based Personalized Over the Top TV.


List of publications -> mosaic-lab.org/publications.aspx

Implementation -> mosaic-lab.org/implementations.aspx

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