I was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia. When I was eight years old, I immigrated to America with my superhero parents, two grandparents, and my older sister. I started school in Brooklyn, New York, where I learned English and how to read and write in Hebrew. After five years in an all-girl Hebrew school in New York, my parents moved us to New Jersey for a better life, where I studied the art of becoming a true Jersey Girl.


I graduated from EBHS and went on to Berkeley College, where I studied business marketing. I always knew I wanted to go into the business world. As a little girl, I used to set up my desk with my father’s stapler, notebook, and a toy phone, and would take “pretend” meetings and doodle in my big black binder. Basically, I wished myself into where I am today.


Later, when I worked as a sales rep for Verizon, I was amazed by how some people fit the roles they were doing so well, while others were clearly not doing what they were equipped to excel in. I remember thinking that I should open a business to better screen those coming into each position and help people find their best potential.

After graduating from college, I decided I needed a career, and knew that selling cellphones would not be it for me. I started to look outside the company and went on an interview for a recruiting position. I walked out with an offer, but had no idea what I would be doing. All I knew was that I would be able to learn how to sell anything, from the guy who interviewed me. I took a leap of faith and landed in my career.


This industry has been good to me. I’m lucky that I found a home with Signature, which allows me to use my talent, helps me improve, and stands by me through it all. Today, I’m part of an amazing team and together we’re building a new office. I love bringing in new talent and showing them what this industry is capable of. I’m grateful that, on top of doing sales, I’m able to mentor and help guide someone else’s success.


Five years from now, I’ll still be with Signature, opening new branches in the tristate area, and being a part of the growth. I want the culture of each office to lead us to success. I want to see everyone laughing, working hard, and making money. And, when I retire one day, I want to know I did it right.

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