Hi, my sister won a lego town set competition in the late 1960'sand we loved playing with the bricks and vehicle. How lego has changed since then.

My love of Lego was renewed when I had two children in mid 1990's and it developed into a hobby. I used to make small scenes, this progressed to larger scenes and more detail alongside my husband - we created a zoo and star gate together.

Then we were asked to exhibit in a Lego mosaic gallery and I wanted to create something different- to 'paint' with lego. The challenge to use tiny pieces and not lose my temper was intense! My first design was the lizard, then the turtle.....

Lug'est - the group I belong to had a steampunk themed show- hence the owl, and now the fish and butterfly....

What's next? - wait and see.

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Tazousz says:

she is cool, so follow her ^_^

October 19, 2017