With more than 160 members, CREW San Antonio is the leading organization for senior-level executive women in the San Antonio real estate field. As part of CREW Network, the industry’s premier networking coalition, CREW San Antonio is dedicated to advancing the success of women in commercial real estate.

Since 1983, CREW San Antonio has connected commercial real estate professionals in the San Antonio area, working together to:
•Create a dynamic and supportive environment that promotes advancement through knowledge sharing and networking
•Push the boundaries in every facet of commercial real estate through provocative dialogue among peers drawn from every discipline in the industry
•Provide educational programs which directly relate to day-to-day work and promote real change
•Encourage our members to be a force for activism and involvement in our communities.

CREW San Antonio members are empowered by sharing their knowledge and experience with others in our community, while also learning from the insight and expertise of others. That is why we focus our efforts on networking programs such as our monthly luncheons, site tours, our annual CREW Real Estate Forum, and various charity events. In growing and strengthening our network, we aim to create more opportunities for women in commercial real estate.

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CREW San Antonio
May 2017