I live in France, near Paris...
50 years old.... euh hoo yes....now 60 years old !
I love Flickr World, this life, human and creative in all your shots.
I hate Flickr Censor, and Ugly Award Comments...

► About my "impersonal messages", by example:
Thank you for your post in : Portrait★Faces etc....

Yes they are too automatic (but my choices never)..
But it's difficult to make interesting and clever comments in english.
In an other hand, when i read some comments, many seems very poor for my tastes...:
"Nice, beautiful body, Very nice and lovely portrait., cool, Beautiful and sexy !, Love her little nipples etc..."
Myself, I don't think post better comments on all my favs, but i know, i can take attention on the quality of my choices and hope share it with the others.

I try to follow closely the photographers i like and mix in my pools and gallery.
I take care to each streams where i find a variety of styles as you can see in my favs.
My "Impersonal messages" are too a way to say hello to you , put a mark in the time to remember the last time i visit your stream and if i need to invit some shots more.
It's for that that when i revisit an old stream i delete my old comment and re post a new one .

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For information, i try to maintain a BIG list of script which can be compatible with this New Change, here :
Scripts List Compatible With The New Photo Page in Flickr Hack
( Reedited when something change...)

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    *toune* says:

    "une pincée de graphisme, deux kilos d'amour, une bassine, d'auto dérision, une ribambelle de copains, un zeste de "jadis-nagère", de la tendresse à vonlonté, du grand n'importe quoi, le tout dans une chausette, secouez, et vous pouvez déguster le photostream le plus drole et vivant de tout flickr.....merci de nous avoir épargner les photos de chats , de fleurs, et de chats qui éternuent à cause des fleurs......"

    October 2nd, 2006

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    old-fashioned quince says:

    "one of the most eclectic streams i've seen on flickr!!!
    interesting and very personal colored beautifull pictures!!

    April 4th, 2006

March 2005
I am:
decembreflickr3 [at] yahoo.fr