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    لـولـوة - says:

    "Hey kefeek ..!?

    You're really talented with photography Masha'allah !!
    I'm sure enik la Shadete 7eelik You'll be one of the best ensha'allah ;-)

    Ruby ywaFeqkii .. ='D

    Ur Sis..


    January 23rd, 2009

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    Messi.82™QTR says:

    "السلام عليكم
    الصراحه معرضك عجيب وكل الصور الي فيه حلوه
    وعندك اختلف في الصور ومشاء الله عليك
    تصويرك روعه بدون اي مجامله
    والله يعطيك الف عافيه على البداع الي فيك
    والى الامام انشاء الله
    اخوكmessi qtr"

    December 31st, 2008

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    Elegant_بـدويـه [BHR] says:

    ya mubde3a wallah

    i love u w love ur pics

    wallah i miss ayamna w our hyperness:P:P

    w a7een 9rty 18 so yalla e5thy illysan w 5alna in9ee3 ;D :P

    a7bbbsh ya a'3la cuzn(K)"

    November 30th, 2008

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    ** الغزال العنيد ** says:

    "Bint Al Snafy is ONE OF A KIND!!
    i love her photostream she chooses her pics carefully...

    School days with her rocked
    after school it was our thing to go and get a red "baboo " icecream loool and it wasn't easy 2 find, and whenever we r n a cold store i have 2 pull her from the magazines side =P and before she goes 2 school she's usually late i mean alwaaays late and the reason is that she was reading a magazine!!!!!!!

    what i love about "US"and i is that we r young and full of life, every 6al3a there must be something wrong happens and we will crack up laughing we never have a normal hang out

    ummm about her personality shes funny, crazy and very UNIQUE.. When i say unique i mean it u cant find anybody like her i swear!!!
    she's the kind of girl that will laugh at a joke after 5 minutes =P
    well she's defentely my best frnd luv her ♥

    and yaaaaay im the 1st 2 write her a testimony =D"

    August 18th, 2008

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