A revolutionary, medical breakthrough treatment center totally devoted to bulging, herniated and degenerative disc conditions, sciatica, spinal stenosis and disc-related symptoms. In fact, we've designed everything we do, and focus all of our talent and time on being an expert in disc related conditions so patients with serious disc conditions can have access to an institute dedicated to them and all their unique needs.

Our revolutionary, non-operative protocol achieves long term pain relief for those who have not responded to or choose not to pursue traditional medicine and alternative care methods including:

* Drugs

* Spinal manipulation

* Physical Therapy Traction

* Injections

* Minimally Invasive or Open Back Spinal Surgery.

Our exclusive technique and technologies works because they precisely target the components of intradiscal repair, the solution to most debilitating back conditions. This non-operative protocol results in a more effective and lasting solution to back pain without the risks involved in other therapies both alternative and traditional.

Contact ProMED Pain Rehabilitation Institute-Non Surgical Disc and Laser Center

454 West Boughton Road, Suite A

Bolingbrook, Illinois 60440

Phone: 630-426-3270


What We Treat

* Back, Neck, & Spine Treatments

* Chronic Back Pain

* Chronic Neck Pain

* Sciatica

* Leg Pain

* Herniated Discs

* Degenerative Disc Disease

* Bulging Disc

* Spinal Stenosis

* Failed Back Surgery

Why Choose Us?

* We Use State-of-the-Art Technology

* We Offer Non-Surgical, Drugless Treatments

* We Can Help Restore Your Quality of Life

* We Go Beyond What Conventional Therapy Can Provide

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George Papadopoulous
April 2017
ProMed Pain Rehabilitation Institute