If you would like to use one of my photos it's easiest to contact me direct at aaaardvark@internode.on.net or via flickr mail. I still have a few photos with Getty but won't be adding any more.

My photos are now 'all rights reserved' since I do sell some to put food on the table. Normally I've no problem with free use of my images as source material for other works, for use on non-profit websites, academic work, homework etc but please ask first.

I intend to live forever -- so far, so good!
(Stephen Wright)

aaardvaark. Get yours at bighugelabs.com
I like all kinds of photos -- current enthusiasms are for birds, panoramas, birds, landscapes, and birds. I seem to have become addicted to bird photography, which is better than some of the alternatives. I guess.

Special photographic interests apart from the above include a desire to create photos that reflect what the eye sees, better than what comes straight out of the camera.

I love pithy quotes, here's a few more ...
The world is a comedy to those that think, a tragedy to those that feel.
(Horace Walpole)

I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.
(Douglas Adams)

Yield to temptation; it may not pass your way again.
(Robert Heinlein)

Being right too soon is socially unacceptable.
(Robert Heinlein)

Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.
(Robert Heinlein)

Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job
(Douglas Adams)

My occupational Hazard is, my occupation's just not around
(Jimmy Buffett)

To those who do not know mathematics it is difficult to get across a real feeling as to the beauty, the deepest beauty, of nature.
(Richard Feynman)

Theory 6 When a cat is dropped, it always lands on its feet. When toast is dropped, it always lands with the buttered side facing down. Thus, if buttered toast is strapped to the back of a dropped cat, the two will hover, spinning inches above the ground. With the energy produced by a giant buttered cat array, a high-speed monorail could easily link New York and Chicago.

Not-so-pithy but fundamental:
“The total amount of suffering per year in the natural world is beyond all decent contemplation. During the minute that it takes me to compose this sentence, thousands of animals are being eaten alive, many others are running for their lives, whimpering with fear, others are slowly being devoured from within by rasping parasites, thousands of all kinds are dying of starvation, thirst, and disease. It must be so. If there ever is a time of plenty, this very fact will automatically lead to an increase in the population until the natural state of starvation and misery is restored. In a universe of electrons and selfish genes, blind physical forces and genetic replication, some people are going to get hurt, other people are going to get lucky, and you won't find any rhyme or reason in it, nor any justice. The universe that we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil, no good, nothing but pitiless indifference.”

(Richard Dawkins, River Out of Eden: A Darwinian View of Life)

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    oybay© says:

    "A wonderful photostream that is always different and stunning. I love seeing what is new here and recommend you do the same!"

    August 29th, 2007

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    brett.donald says:

    "Although Julian has some of the best shots of Aussie birds (and other Aussie subjects) you're ever likely to see, the thing I most enjoy about his work is that he lets you in on his entire birding experience with great captions, detailed descriptions, and even photo essays; all infused with infectious humour. He's my favourite contact."

    April 13th, 2007

Julian Robinson
January 2006
Charters Towers, Queensland
Canberra, Australia
I am:
aaaardvark [at] internode.on.net