Norco Ranch has more than 40 years of experience in quality egg production and produces eggs from multigenerational family-owned farms. As a premier producer of eggs in Southern California, it is certified by a variety of organizations, including the USDA, the Global Food Safety Initiative, the Safe Quality Food Program, and United Egg Producers.


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Who is Norco Ranch?


Headquartered in Fontana, California, Norco Ranch Eggs has provided communities throughout Southern California with high quality, farm-fresh and nutritious eggs for over 40 years. Our network of multi-generational family-owned and operated farms adheres to the most rigorous food safety and quality standards in the egg production industry. The end result is the best, freshest, and most delicious eggs available in communities in and around Southern California.


A Commitment to Outstanding Quality and Food Safety


The company was established 40 years ago with one mission: to produce the best farm-fresh eggs on the market. To achieve our mission, we embarked on a process of implementing stringent food safety and quality programs – programs that other egg producers have used as a model.


All of the farms in our network utilize multi-faceted quality assurance and food safety programs that are regularly monitored and certified by numerous industry organizations, including:


Global Food Safety Initiative

Safe Quality Food Program

California Department of Food and Agriculture

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)


Our work with the Safe Quality Food Program is a point of pride for our farmers. This globally-recognized food safety program certifies participants at several levels; we are certified at Level Three, while some of the largest grocery store chains in the United States only require their food suppliers to be at Level Two. Exacting quality and safety is our priority and we take the extra steps to ensure the very highest levels possible.


Serving Communities Throughout Southern California


Our farm ( produces eggs in three major product lines: Conventional Eggs, Certified Organic Eggs, and Cage-Free Eggs. Each of our product lines meet or exceed some of the toughest standards in the industry. Our conventional line produces eggs under several brands, including our own brand. We also produce eggs sold by grocery stores under their own in-house labels.


With our three product lines, we are able to provide farm-fresh and nutritious eggs to families throughout Southern California, including communities in the greater Los Angeles metro area and the Inland Empire.


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Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have revolutionized the business world, allowing direct and personal connections with consumers around the world. We are proud to be able to interact with our customers throughout Southern California. Visit us on social media, where we share great egg recipes, food safety tips, and insightful content about our egg production and safety standards. Best of all, we are able to directly communicate with our followers and fans, and we take the time to listen to your preferences and concerns. Stay up to date with Norco Ranch on our pages below!


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Tips to properly store fresh eggs


There could be plenty of confusing recommendations out there when it comes to properly storing eggs and keeping them fresh. So how should it be done?


For starters, it’s advisable that eggs are kept in their carton, which prevents them from absorbing strong flavors and odors of other foods in the refrigerator through their tiny pores in the eggshell. It also allows one to see the best before date for guaranteed freshness. When storing eggs in their carton, the large end should be up – the way they’re packaged in cartons – to help the yolk remain in the center.


This means utilizing the built-in egg compartment in the fridge may not be the best move. Instead, keep the eggs in their carton in the main part of the refrigerator, where the temperature is coldest and fluctuates the least. The FDA states that eggs stored this way will last three to five weeks.


If seeking to store eggs for longer than three to five weeks, freezing is key. One may free eggs either beaten or separated; use an ice cube tray to freeze them individually, making their use in recipes far easier and convenient. Another form of preservation is pickling, where pickled eggs can be stored at refrigerator temperature for three to four months.


Remember to also put leftover raw egg whites and yolks in airtight containers inside the fridge immediately. Prevent yolks from drying out by covering them with little cold water, which should be drained before using.


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