Multimedia & conceptual artist, writer, photographer and experimental percussionist. Founder in 2005 of London Dada, that aspires to represent European Dada's glaringly absent UK expression; to restate and promote the acutely misunderstood movement's original aims and spirit as defined by its inceptor, the German author and poet Hugo Ball. Expressed largely through a new hybrid street photography genre, London Dada imputes and adopts metaphors and symbolism to images that often at first glance appear to consist of random events, but which with concise titling reveal novel and often tragicomic perspectives on the human condition.


"Pretty pictures" and SFX are of course fine, if becoming a little tiresome in their ubiquitous use by artists, but the time is surely ripe to evolve photography's potential even further - to include that of taking the role of a powerful tool of perception to dig beneath the surface, or purely retinal, - into extra-retinal realms or photo aphorisms - in order to release the fragrance of true perception into the entire multifaceted nature of proceeded human existence in the early 21st century; to raise awareness on the full spectrum of key issues uplifting or blighting not just the UK but the world in general.

" Extra-Retinal Photography" - M. St.M, 25/04/2019


Not politically affiliated despite appearances - "some ideas considered right wing are worthy, as are many of the so-called left. The artist with balanced perception includes and transcends both through his/her work."


[ " Art, for the Dadaist, is not an end in itself, but an opportunity for true perception and criticism of the times he/she lives in "

- Hugo Ball


" Dada is essentially the search for a new morality "

- Richard Huelsenbeck ]


* Under the banner of London Dada, created the first dedicated online art gallery ( 691 ) in the autumn of 2005, swiftly shadowed by Charles Saatchi with Saatchi Online by summer 2006.


* Created the bas-relief artwork Infinitude II in 2006, blatantly copied in 2007 by Wolff Olins branding agency to create the London 2012 Olympic Logo and was the obvious inspiration behind the Olympic Park basketball arena design, by architects Wilkinson Eyre.

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* 2017. Under London Dada; shamed Tate into removing their longstanding ageist under-50 rule for shortlisted artists eligible for the Turner Prize after a 10-year campaign unsupported by any other artist, MSM arts review editor or institution.

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* Under London Dada; trending UK art towards expressing connectivity with contemporary real life everyday social issues and concerns, the vital importance of which recently conceded by Maria Balshaw, the new Tate Modern director.


* As far as is known the only artist calling for the repatriation of Kurt Schwitters' " Life's great work " - the Merz Wall - from Hatton Gallery, Newcastle, to its Merz Barn home in Elterwater, Cumbria. A call that remains, surprisingly, unsupported - primarily due to resistance from key individuals within institutions currently benefitting from the financially cosy status quo surrounding Merz Wall's Newcastle location and who, perhaps equally surprisingly, claim to nevertheless revere the artist and respect his important legacy - despite the near certainty that at least a feasibility study into the Wall's return would be a top priority for KS if he was alive today.

* Article kindly published by The Kurt Schwitters Society UK newsletter, summer 2018

KS Society UK;


* Under London Dada; in 2007 introduced The Human Condition, viewed at first as a questionable but now valid, if not important, narrative for artists to interpret.


* Under London Dada, ( 2012 ) coined the meme " Democratising art " with the first in the series " The Art Gallery as Art "


** LD Colleague Art Axis took the first full length close up photos of Banksy ( Robin Gunningham ) around graffiti in Wilkes Street Spitalfields, August 2014.

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* Coined the novel terms

Point-and-shoot ( 1978)

One-to-one ( 1994 )

24/7 ( 1999 )


Michael is available for art media events, talks and seminars during 2020 and is open to additional representation by forward-thinking galleries UK-wide.




" The artist expands awareness and when the breakthrough is made, this becomes part of the general awareness "

- William S. Burroughs


" St.Mark explores and exposes the social subconscious through his titled photographs, and reviewers have commented on how their content begins to echo again and again as fresh perceptions in their personal experiences of daily life "

- London Arts Review



Photostream and Albums comprise a selection of London Dada Works from 2005 - 2018


Currently populating, please check back for updates.

Please read the titles of Works, they are frequently key in unlocking the meaning, intention/purport behind the image.

- M.St.M


ALL IMAGES ARE COPYRIGHT LONDON DADA Ltd 2005 - 2018 and (c) Michael St.Mark 2020

You need to seek permission before copying any image for commercial use, or respectfully credit the artist when sharing on social media.


Some images in the London Dada archive ( Works nos. 1 - 1002 ) are still available to buy in collectable signed editions.

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