Redefining the Learning Process…


We are a team of young, energetic, dedicated and forward-thinking visionaries, determined to redefine the learning process in Sri Lanka.


We at Lanka Virtual Academy believe that every child is gifted and talented in their own way. However, it is the opportunities and circumstances available to them shape who they eventually become. Therefore, our mission is to create a condition in which every student has a fair and equal chance of succeeding.


Our Vision


Our vision is to propel Lanka Virtual Academy to be the most important factor in the success of students at the GCE Ordinary and Advance Level Examinations creating brainwaves that will far exceed our stated goals and stimulate endless possibilities.


Our Values


We hold honesty, integrity, loyalty, diversity, compassion, and excellence in teaching very close to our hearts. We, the faculty and the staff of Lanka Virtual Academy are committed to promoting within our institute and among the students a culture of innovation, inspiration, expectations, accountability and high moral standards.


Our Strategy


Strengthen our position as a leading online educational service provider in Sri Lanka by developing meaningful and relevant learning programs, thereby, preparing each of our students for success and equip them with critical thinking and analytical reasoning on a global perspective employing the state-of-the-art online teaching mechanisms.


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