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Welcome to my site "On flickr" I'm here to tell you at litle bit about my self as a person and world citizen. Globalisation makes almost everyone able to go online and express their opinion on the world of today. And the communities you belong. And this is my pages where i can express my opinion and fulfill my ambition on spreding the word of the things i belive in. My name is John Grandt and I'm a 58 year old man with a passion for good design, art & culture, Motorcycles and a lot more.


My hometown Esbjerg are placed in Denmark (Part of the Scandinavian Countrys) by the westcoast and i love to live near by the North Sea with fresh weather and the tuff people in my city. As a neighbour to the Wadden Sea National Park. Esbjerg has it all - beautiful nature and a rich animal life. Go on a seal safari, see the birds and the fish and experience the turn of the tides in the Wadden Sea.


See a film of the the Wadden Sea National Park


Please enjoy my website and dont hesitate with contacting me me for any reason at all. Welcome...

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