I'm a physically-challenged, retired scientist who loves Nature and music.

My physical disabilities are increasingly interfering with my ability to play my keyboards ( danling.com ), but fortunately I can still make landscape photographs, mostly using a tripod. When feeling good, I spend about 16-18 hours per day either in bed, on a massage table or on the floor or ground outdoors. My photography is done not very far from a vehicle, but some involves short hikes. The shoots are painful, so I usually spend days recovering, where I am lying down for 20-22 hours per day and not sleeping well due to pain in my back, hips, and leg. The early December, 2017 shoot resulted in a 6-week recovery and a painful holiday. Photography is more than a hobby to me. Though I can only do it sporadically, it brings meaning and fun to my life. It's a bit crazy, but it gives me great pleasure to create, and even more when those works are appreciated by others.

I use a full-frame Nikon D750 and shoot almost exclusively with a set of old manual prime (single focal length) lenses which I buy second-hand, then painstakingly clean and restore myself. I usually end up taking the lens apart so I can clean the elements and clean and re-grease the helicoids. These old lenses are cheaper, smaller and lighter than most newer ones, and they can produce high quality images. My collection of classic prime Nikkor lenses includes the 24mm f2.8, 28mm f2.8, 35mm f2.8, 50mm f1.8, 85mm f2, 105mm f2.5, 105mm f4 Macro, 135 f2.8, 200mm f4 and 300 f4.5. I edit my photos using Lightroom on a custom boom-arm computer rig I built myself, which allows me to lie flat on my back in bed. It can take as much as two days to edit a single panorama (even when using nodal slides there are often stitch artifacts, such as with lake surfaces).

Most sites (and now our ISPs) surveille everything we do with our technology, and Flickr is no exception. Though it's no where near as bad as Facebook or Google, it is getting worse with every "Privacy" policy update. I plan to leave this site as soon as my own website is completed at my domain danling.com, which will take a while. Once it's finished, it'll have a blog page where you can leave comments. My original intention was to enable people to comment without surveillance, but that is impossible since Congress has now allowed our very ISPs to surveille everything we do on the Internet with no oversight of any kind. It's difficult to see how this is consistent with American values of freedom and human rights. At least I will not be directly supporting sites with privacy-abusive policies. In any case, I hope my photographs and music will always be available at danling.com.

Thank you sincerely for visiting, it does mean a lot to me, especially if you are able to comment on my work. I am fortunate to still be able to spend time in Nature, and to create beautiful things. It keeps me going. I hope you appreciate the effort that I put into every photograph and every piece of music, and especially, I hope you enjoy it, and are inspired by our magnificent and delicate planet. I can't imagine a more beautiful rock to be hurtling through space on.

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Dan Ling
January 2017
Dan Ling