Astrophotographer since 1998




Nikon D810A: Bought in Jan. 2018, replacing the STF-8300M: Modern astrophotographic dslr, full frame sensor, very low noise performance.


Zwo ASI 120 MM: Planetary camera


SBIG STF-8300M: arrived in Mai 2015. With this camera I want to get back into astrophotography. Why this camera? The chip is larger than the chip of my former ST-10 (see below), the pixels are smaller (and match therefore better with smaller focal lengths) and they do not bloom. Crop factor 2. Sold Nov. 2017.


SBIG ST-i: bought in July 2014 as guiding camera.


SBIG ST-10 XME: arrived on Mai 12, 2001 and was upgraded with USB interface, high sensitive ME chip and with the larger TC-237 tracking CCD in June 2002. It was primarily achieved for wide field CCD imaging at short focal length with my Pentax SDUFII. Crop factor 2.4. Sold Jan. 2009.


SBIG ST-8 E: owned by the Sternfreunde Breisgau association; most of the CCD images until 2001 are taken with that camera.


SBIG ST-7: old CCD camera of the Sternfreunde Breisgau association, now sold. Only M 106 (my very first LRGB) is taken with that camera.


Sony Nex 5R: Crop factor 1.5.

Pentax *istD: Crop factor 1.53.

Olympus Camedia 3040Z: Crop factor 4.8.

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