Photos of the school and school-related events were taken by school students Lea Kovačević, Ines Kopunić, Karla Capek i Vanessa Lukas and professor Marija Mrkojević.


The Gymnasium Požega was founded in 1699 and is among the oldest educational institutions in the Republic of Croatia. It is a secondary school with the curriculum of general, natural-sciences and mathematics and linguistic (language) grammar school.

Since the beginning of September 2009., Gymnasium has been located in a new school building in the center of Požega. Teaching takes place in modernly equipped classrooms and laboratories, and the large multimedia center consists of a library and a reading room, a multimedia classroom, a conference hall with a gallery and a museum. On the roof there is an observatory with a viewpoint.

Gymnasium has 465 students (15-18 years old) and 66 members of staff. Teaching is organized in 23 classrooms and 3 programs (general, natural-sciences and mathematics, linguistic).

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Gimnazija Požega


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