👋We're Journo Resources and we're here to help journalists. We're free to use (and always will be) and have loads of resources surrounding pay, freelancing, staff jobs, graduate schemes, and more. You can catch us on www.journoresources.org.uk.


📷 Want to use our pictures? They're part of our resources pack and are free to use as long as you're not making any money from them and put a link back to our website, www.journoresources.org.uk. So, if you're a student newspaper, or want to use them on your blog, then go right ahead!


📩If you're a freelancer and want to use something as part of a commission, or you're a publication interested in using them, drop us a line on hello@journoresources.org.uk and we'll sort you out a super cheap deal. Seriously, we'd just like to be able to buy a glass of gin.

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