Polish photographer Krzysztof Krawczyk lives and creates in Warsaw. He is not a member of any elite group of shooting masters, because he believes that this is not the goal of creative work. Everything he accomplished, he achieved only with his own work. He did not study photography, he did not participate in any courses or workshops. He read, spied and experienced light, shade, color, color. But, as a professional, he would like to attend a session with well-known artists at least once. He would be happy to look at the work of Anna Leibovitz (Anna-Lou "Annie" Leibovitz of an American portraitist) or Peter Lindbergh (known as "glamorous poet").

Krzysztof Krawczyk specializes in photography of the beauty of nature, which helps him, naturally create image and portrait photography. Being in touch with nature, he learned to look at human faces and discover what is ordinary and unusual, what is real and beautiful. In every human being, he finds values ​​worth consolidating. He often photographs busy, busy, sometimes neglected, that he would blossom in his lens. In order to photograph these people, the pictures they receive would be their private, family, and sometimes even public joy, pleasure, whim, expectation ... or maybe an inspiration for change.

While watching the effects of the photo session, the most often repeated sentence is the words ... "about her, I look like this" ...

He did not create any large projects in cooperation with well-known, commonly advertised brands. He works with people who surround him and want to work with him. He does not aspire to portray known people, because in every other, he finds what is subtle, inspiring, intriguing.

His paintings are created with subtle aesthetics and with the simple perception of reality as well as a methodical approach to the use of light, after all he is a physicist by profession, and optics was his favorite subject.

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