AmazonVida is all about launching leaders into the mission of Christ and holistically transforming communities with the Gospel of Christ. It has been our passion for over 60 years to reach every village in the Amazon, the cities of Brasil, and to the unreached around the world.


The Amazon River is virtually unrivaled in beauty, size, biodiversity, and adventure! If stretched out, the river could reach from New York City to Rome. President Theodore Roosevelt led one of the most famous Amazon adventures in 1913 and told of its magnificent splendor, its mystery, and even its danger.


This vast land full of wonder is known as one of man’s final frontiers – not only physically, but also spiritually. In many ways it is the gateway to reaching the world and obeying the Great Commission. Currently, over 40,000 communities are known to exist in the region, many of which have been living in complete spiritual darkness for thousands of years! Although the darkness is indeed great, a greater hope exists for these people through the restorative work of Jesus Christ!


We invite you to jump in the boat with us and see for yourself the life changing work that happens deep in the Amazon jungle.

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This organization does a great job of leading trips to the Amazon for church groups. They follow up with the villages long after the short term trip is over.

January 4, 2018