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It is my personal quest to search and photograph the magnificent tropical spiders of Malaysia. I'll share my findings here.

The South East Asia is home to 69 families of spiders, from the world total of 106. Some of the most beautiful, weirdly shaped and primitive spiders can be found here. Take a look at the female Macracantha arcuata, the only spider with horn appendage much longer than its limbs or body. It can be found in secondary forests in Malaysia, usually not far from water bodies. The Liphistids are the most primitive spider living today, with main features resemble the fossils dated 300 million years ago. They live underground at several hilly locations in Malaysia. These are among the most exciting arachnids that are here and it's my pleasure to see them first hand in the wild.

I am updating more photos continuously to this site. Note that I am not a trained arachnologist, therefore it is not advisable to rely too much on my identification, although I try my best to get as accurate as I can. You you can identify any of these photos for the correct species, please drop a comment.

Most of the photos were taken using Olympus E-500 while the more recent ones with E-30. I use the Zuiko Digital 35mm f3.5 macro and Zuiko Digital 50mm f2.0 macro, sometimes with EX-25 extension tube.

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Photos of Malaysian Spiders (2)

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  • trapdoor spider by ahmadjaa

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    Jordan Lye says:

    "He got the passion of photographing spiders, I personally like spider too, from his photos I can learn a lot of thing about spider, I also hope that I can collect spider photos in malaysia since he said got 69 diff type of it. Keep up the good work. Cheers"

    April 1st, 2008

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    momad says:

    "One and only person that I know using Olypmus DSLR. His forte is spider... as you can figure that out from his name. It is plausible that he knows that much about spiders, as he is not an entomologist. Some of his works are awesome showing the food chain of the spiders e.g. small bug---->crab spider--->jumping spider. Well, his enthusiasm in his own field deserves some credits. Keep up!"

    March 23rd, 2008

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