I began my art career in high school with training from my two favorite teachers at school. However, once I was out of high school, life took over I gave up art and didn’t take it up again until 2016. In 2010 I had a cancer scare that left me in chronic pain after I had a large surgery that removed a golf-ball sized tumor and a 5” inch section of 5 of my ribs. Additionally, I became disabled with a neurological condition known as Monomelic Amyotrophy, officially in January 2017, after 6 years of not knowing why the declined state of my right and dominate arm and hand continued to weaken. I am currently down to using just my pointer finger now on my right hand and barely hold a color pencil to draw with. However, I am a strong-willed, persevering woman and I am not going to let that get the way of my progress to do art. Which is what I am doing now.

2019 will be a very different year from the last. Although I started my art business last year, profits were not good, but then again the first year never is anyway. I did achieve one thing however, I did get my disability from Social Security as of January 2019.
I have been encouraged by my best friend, advocate, and love of my life, Douglas DeVaul, to continue with my business. He has even supported my art to the point giving me critiques when I need it, of building me displays, tearing them down, and putting them together for shows. I also have support from the Coastal Carolina Arts and Crafters Guild and the Onslow-Jacksonville Council for the Arts on my team as well! I think I have some pretty good resources so if I have any questions, there are several people I can go to about it. I am ecstatic about continuing this venture and I hope to gain popularity with Facebook and I have finished a website on wordpress.com at www.conceptualchandra.com. Thank you all for you continued support!

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Chandra DeVaul
June 2018