Orchard Link was established in 1998 in south Devon by a group of Orchard campaigners and enthusiasts in response to the declining condition and number of traditional orchards, the loss of local apple varieties, the wastage of apple crops from small traditional orchards and the needs of orchard owners for help and support.


Whilst local and national orchard campaigns have encouraged people to plant and restore orchards, there was still little support for those doing the work, in terms of advice and training and there was no provision for collecting and using the fruit which small traditional orchards produce.


Orchard Link aims to support orchard owners and enthusiasts, to ensure that orchards continue to be a

sustainable and dsitinctive element of our landscape. It is inclusive and open to anyone to join at a very low

cost membership.

We offer our members:

- Limited training opportunities on site management issues.

- Advice on restoring old orchards - or planting new ones - with an emphasis on the use of local apple


- Access to a network of experts - including horticulturalists, cider makers, nurseries and conservationists

- Opportunities to visit other members' orchards, exchange knowledge and ideas, to use and enjoy their

orchards and apples

- The chance to buy or sell surplus apples

- Juicing and bottling equipment hire

- events, open meetings and newsletter.

Find out more on our website www.orchardlink.org.uk

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