Kateb University is one of the pioneering private institutions in the field of higher education in Afghanistan.

In 2007, during an official ceremony with the presence of faculty members, representatives of the mass

media, members of the parliament, the University achieved its official permission. Kateb University held

its first University Entrance Test (UET) in 2007, with the presence of the Ministry of Higher Education’s

Supervisory Committee; more than 250 students were admitted to enter Kateb University. Due to students’

willingness to enter the University, the number of students and teachers have been increasing rapidly. In

2010, approximately 1200 students were studying at the University and in 2016, the number of students

reached to 2836 students, majoring in 15 academic disciplines. Kateb University implements the credit

system as a student-centered approach to learning. Each credit contains 16 hours of educational hours in

a semester. Kateb University grants admission to students by holding a general University Entrance Test

(UET) at the beginning of either the first or the second semester of the educational year.


Kateb University, House of Elite


Becoming a prestigious university in the region.


Kateb University as a scientific institution tries to provide high quality

education and research at national and regional levels, in addition to

development of scientific and technical infrastructure , responses to job

demands of country and provides an expand balanced higher education.

In this context, Kateb moves towards based on maintaining scientific and

ethical principles and focusing on use of expert faculty, collaboration with

national and international academic institutions, use of modern technology

methods, creating an appropriate research situation. Also, it is important

to mention that personnel scientific and management capacity promotion

is a top priority for us to consider and provide.

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