The Hellenic Biomass Association (HELLABIOM) is a non-profit organisation and one of the principal National Associations in the sector of renewable energy sources in Greece since the 1990’s. HELLABIOM represents Greece as a full member association in the European Biomass Association (AEBIOM).


- Objectives of the Association:

(a) The promotion and coordination of scientific research on the sustainable utilisation of biomass for energy generation and biofuels’ production.


(b) The provision of consultation and education services to stakeholders involved in biomass utilisation and development at regional and national levels.


(c) The cooperation with companies, government bodies, educational institutions and market regulation authorities on the appropriate application of European standards and directives on biomass-related issues.


- Geographical coverage: National (Greece).


- Size: HELLABIOM has interaction with a current base of approximately 140 members - About 25% of those members are companies involved in biofuels’ production, engineering of bioenergy projects and manufacture and sales of biomass heating appliances, while 75% of members are individuals (scientists, engineers, researchers) who share a common interest in the development of biomass sector in Greece.


- Activities organised: collection and analysis of statistical data on biomass, lobbying, conferences, presentations, seminars, participation in trade shows, participation in radio and television broadcasts and interviews aiming at educating interest groups and the general public, as well as at sustaining and expanding national penetration of biomass utilisation and bioenergy.


- List of publications: newsletter, new website with updated and enriched content, articles.

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