Live on the very tip of Scotland,one of thee last wildnesses in the UK. Fanstatic scenery ,wildlife and weather.

Love photograpy, like getting out and about to see the scenery and wildlife and hopefully capture a stunning shot to record the memory.

Equipment to start was a Fuji S5000 fantastic camera great colours.

At Christmas 2006 upgraded to digital SLR Pentax K100 with 18 to 55mm lens and bought Tamron 28 to 300mm for the wildlife. Love the camera but still learning how to get the best out of it, lots of bedtime reading "Aperture this shutter that etc.........................

But when you get that sweet shot worth the home work.

February 2008 upgraded to Pentax K10D few more pixels, great kit still needs plenty of bed time reading to be more creative rather then green button mode.

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