When it comes to providing quality Vaser Liposuction in the UK, Advanced Lipo Centre is a leading namOur services are all in the arena of Vaser Liposuction.With our focus on only one procedure, we have been able to fully develop our expertise offering better solutions than our competitors. We understand how the shape of the body can affect the self-esteem and confidence of an individual.This is the reason that we strive to help all our clients attain their ideal body shape.The combination of the vaser and tickle liposuction techniques was first deployed in the UK by Dr S Bassi.We are proud to say that Dr Bassi is our in-house surgeon. The amazing skill and expertise of Dr Bassi is a result of perfecting this technique in Europe and America.Our clients enjoy superior definition and shape because of the mastery we have of the techniques. It doesnâ??t matter your position in society, you are guaranteed impeccable service when you choose us.We treat foreign royalty, high net worth individuals, celebrities and indeed anyone that has a need for quality Vaser Liposuction service.All of our clients enjoy the same level of service and respect.The advent of vaser liposuction means that traditional liposuction surgery is no longer the only option.Reduced pain and reduced cost are the main reasons many clients now prefer reduced vaser liposuction. The skin loses its elastic nature after a period of time following traditional liposuction procedures. The reason this happens is that collagen is destroyed as fat is removed.By tightening and contracting the skin the vaser technique doesnâ??t damage the skinâ??s elasticity.The procedure for vaser liposuction is gentle on the skin therefore making sure that the skin doesnâ??t sag. This ensures that the treatment area doesnâ??t look unsightly few years down the line.From the initial query to the treatment, we ensure that our clients are afforded an exceptional level of carOur in-house doctor and his team know how to put you at ease, ensuring that the experience is a pleasurable one.

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