Best known for her ghostly thriller Her Keepers, Laura McCaskill has taken her love for writing and harnessed it to help others. In 2012, Laura published her first work Her Keepers, which won outstanding reviews. In 2016, she published her second work Fallow, a romance thriller which received equally stunning reviews.


In 2017, she became a foster parent for Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. After working with-and-fostering several sick and injured small animals, Laura found a way to mix her love of writing and her love for animals. In 2018 her first article entitled Belk’s Silent Cry, was published in The House Rabbit Society’s magazine, The House Rabbit Journal. The article focused on the struggles of one of her foster rabbits, who had been diagnosed with a severe abscess in his lower jaw.


This was followed by packets Laura created to help new adopters care for the animals that were adopted from her care.


Laura began writing for the SC United Methodist Advocate Newspaper in July 2018. Her articles consisted of ministry’s which helped people locally and some that stretched to places such as the Navajo Reservation in Baca, New Mexico.


After displaying her work and skills in her book signing with Grateful Steps Publishing (located in Asheville, NC) in December 2017, Laura was asked to join the planning committee for the 2019 Asheville Book-Fest.

Laura’s is working on her third novel.


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