Giuseppe Donatiello (b. 1967) [ ] is an Italian amateur astronomer, astrophotographer and author. Known primarily as discoverer of five nearby dwarf galaxies and some planetary nebulae and author [ ] of hundreds of articles in leading astronomical magazines on topics related to astronomical instrumentation, advanced image processing techniques, astronomical news and history of astronomy.



- Discoverer of a spheroidal dwarf galaxy 9.87 million light-years away, designated - absolute first time with the name of a non-professional - Donatiello I [ ].


- Discoverer of Pisces VII/Triangulum III an ultra faint dwarf galaxy (UFD) in the Local Group at 1 Mpc (3.2 million light years) and belongs to the family of the Andromeda Galaxy (M31), possible new satellite of Messier 33 galaxy. The new galaxy is presented in a study led by Dr. David Martínez Delgado. All the details:


- Discoverer of three small satellite galaxies of NGC 253, designated Donatiello II, III and IV. The new galaxis are presented in a study led by Dr. David Martínez Delgado:


- Discoverer of 4 planetary nebulae candidates and a problematic object, named respectively Donatiello Source (DoS) 1, 2, 3 and 4 and DoS Object 1 [DoS 1/PN-G 238.8+00.9, DoS 2/PN-G 241.0+03.1, DoS 3/PN-G 285.1-06.8, DoS 4/PN-G 045.0-21.9].[] .

Here is the list of all published or upcoming peer-reviewed articles:


He has participated in comet observation campaigns, including International Halley Watch and UCW, and still participates in Pro-Am collaborations in the field of galactic archeology, in particular in the study of dwarf galaxies, ultra-diffuse galaxies and stellar tidal streams.


He has proposed names for minor bodies of the Solar System and geological structures of other planets. Among his accepted proposals, the name of Anna Magnani (*) assigned to a crater of 27 Km on Venus (1995) and the asteroid 77971 Donnolo (**).

IAU Dark Sky Ambassador [].

As an astrophotographer, he uses his own equipment but also data from professional Observatories, accessible in public Archives or in service mode. Some of these works are available here and they can be used freely with the C0 license, provided appropriate credits and/or thanks as reported in the images. All these images are made public, even if not always specified, as long as the author is mentioned in the credits.


Some recent Awards and Prizes

2020 - Cover on Cosmo magazine June 2020

2019 - USRA - Earth Science Picture of the Day

2019 - IL7 magazine Brindisino dell'anno 2018 + cover

2018 - SEA "Javier Gorosabel" ProAm Award:

2018 - NASA Astronomy Picture Of the Day on Apr. 17, 2018

2016 - NASA Astronomy Picture Of the Day on Apr. 25, 2016

2014 - Premio "Stupor Mundi"

2013-2020 - 63 "Picture Of The Day" on AstroBin (some deleted)



Donatiello I discovery paper here:

Martínez-Delgado et al.: Mirach’s Goblin: Discovery of a dwarf spheroidal galaxy behind the Andromeda galaxy []


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  • OccupationRadio host, Author, Amateur Astronomer (Unione Astrofili Italiani), "Dwarf hunter killer" (cit.).
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  • CountryItaly
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