Why am I a photographer?


Because with my camera, I can hold time in my hands. A moment - a memory - an emotion - they can all be saved and savored in a photograph.


Through the lens, I find the grandeur of nature, the wonders of man, the mystery of shadows and reflections, the simple joy of life, and a connection to the infinite. All of these, and more, are mine to hold again whenever I want them. They are also my moments to share.


I started, like most photographers, with a simple camera, shooting family and postcard-pretty pictures. The cameras became more sophisticated, and as I traveled the world, so did my subjects. My camera became a bridge to diverse cultures and environments - an entry into intimate relationships between me, other people, and other lands. The camera expanded my world and my mind until I could no longer just observe - I became an equal participant in the experience.


My quest begins with light. It has a way of dancing – reflections, shimmers and rays grace scenes with magic. Light also adds visual depth taking a two dimensional photograph and giving it a three dimensional appearance.


But lurking there in my peripheral vision, I see more. I see motion – that fourth dimension. In order to translate that into my photography, I’ve freed my camera from its tripod perch so that the camera and I move together. I let the shutter linger open awhile to gather more of the scene – to let light bend a bit. Intentional camera movement becomes a dance that captures not just visual rhythms, but also evokes atmospheric and emotional expressions of that fleeting time that will not pass our way again.

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