【Steampunker Shinobue player!】
I'm Shinobue player. (I can play the Flute,Oboe,Taiko drum.)
※Shinobue=japanese bamboo Flute

And, I'm Japanese steampunker.
I love steam punk and classical Lolita, Gothic Lolita.

クラロリ&ゴスロリ&スチームパンクを愛する篠笛吹き。和太鼓・Fl・Obも。CAVE GAZE WORLDゲスト。

・スチームガーデン8(SG8)Official PV, Taiko drums & Shinobue performance
Event video for Steam Garden 8, held in Harajuku, Tokyo.
・春天吶喊@台湾Performance Movie
and more...

White Shinobue ...3D printed "ShinobueYukikaze"

【My favorite things】

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