Visual curator from Calgary, Alberta CANADA


I've worked for magazines, museums and art galleries


Love visual stimulation. As a "fabulous fashionista fighting her fifties" I write about things I'm liking or thinking about i.e. fashion, beauty, cosmetics, movies and so on:


I observe generational and demographics on "The inBETWEENers" neither Baby Boomers or GenX, those born 1960-1965


Reach out to me personally if you would like promotion of your photography to have me share, tweet or PIN via @optioneerJM (you can follow me there or on Facebook where my audience is steadily climbing upwards of 15,000 quality followers, #RTers, clickers, PLUSers, likers and so on.


I give credit where credit is due: you, the talented image adventurers and visionaries


I share awesome photography on #Pinterest ;Best of Pinterest Photographers have a Blog on Business and #socialmedia on: "

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