Cherie Ruffo is a freelance writer, Spiritual Leader and entrepreneur. Moving to Hawaii at 22 with suppressed psychic abilities, Cherie discovered Unity Church of Honolulu. Unity is a community of 1,100 churches worldwide and is an open-minded spiritual community that honors all paths to God. In 2008, she co-founded Unity Radiant Light in Providence Rhode Island. During this time Cherie studied different faiths and schools of thought. While she was attending a spiritual conference in 2002, she kept receiving a clear message in her dreams, “It’s time to awaken the children.” Not sure what that meant, she waited to receive additional information before she could figure out the next step.
The inspiration for the book series came to her in May of 2012, when Cherie held her first Jerusalem White Stone Ceremony in which the word “Imagination” was revealed to after meditation. That night she began having a series of dreams in which she received the answer to her long awaited question of how she would assist in the awakening of children. The dreams would lead her to begin writing the book series, The Discovery of the “Source Crystals,” a fantasy novel for kids ages 9-13 about activating inner abilities to overcome obstacles at all odds.
Cherie has a Bachelor’s Degree from Old Dominion University, and is currently pursuing higher education with the goal of a Doctorate in Divinity. She lives in Norwich, CT with her husband, Daniel, and three dogs. She is busy working on the next book in the “Discovery of the Source Crystals” series, her daily tips from the 5th Dimension, and a series of lessons for 5D University. 5D University is a 24 month long course created for adults from the lessons she has learned and the information she received that inspired her to write the book series. Check out more information about the book series and 5D University at

About "The Discovery of the Source Crystals"
Amanda Fisher has always had special abilities that allow her to see things most people can’t, so it comes as no surprise when she has begins receiving messages through her dreams from her late grandmother. With the help of her younger brother Danny, and foster brother Sam, they follow the messages on an adventure where they discover an ancient family secret. Amanda and Danny are the last in the line of guardians of the Source crystals, the most powerful stones in the world. Hunted by the Raven Corporation and horrible creatures, who have been after their family for thousands of years, the guardians seek help from wonderful beings from a mystical place in the fifth dimension. This mission will challenge each of the guardians far beyond the training that they have received, but they know that if they are not successful, the planet will return to the terror of the Dark Ages.

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