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    allanhowell1 says:

    "I have known Lori as a contact since coming onto flickr nearly two years ago. Lori has a generous nature as I've been fortunate to see, by her ongoing comments and support of my photos.
    Lori is a very talented photographer who doesn't need to venture too far from her own phenomenal garden to get the most amazing and beautiful bird and flower shots.
    Her lily photos have always impressed me by their clarity ,detail and colours. Her patience to get some incredible bird photos through the various stages of their life in her garden have been wonderful.
    I continue to admire Lori's remarkable courage and strength demonstrated when she went through a recent serious illness.
    Without friends like Lori on flickr I doubt I would have continued for very long submitting photos to the site.
    Lori my warm regards


    September 20th, 2009

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    DMC43 says:

    "Lori is a great photographer, artist and writer. She delivers some of the finest work on Flickr. I appreciate the way she captures nature so beautifully through her camera...the light, the PP, the moment, the love....all move me to aspire to emulate her style.

    She delivers a glimpse into the lives of developing baby birds and her garden photography is stellar with the largest collection of gorgeous daylillies I’ve ever seen. It's lovely to get a glimpse of her beautiful world and I admire her courageous spirit!

    Thank you Lori, for being a truly supportive contact. I appreciate your positive reinforcement in good times and bad. Friends like you are a real blessing!
    ♥ Donna"

    July 29th, 2009

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    summerbloomz etc says:

    "Besides being a wonderful flickr friend & person with such a positive attitude even in hard times; she takes marvelous photos!! You will be delighted by her bird captures and amazed by her beautiful & numerous Daylilies!! :O)"

    February 9th, 2009

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    swt snookie says:

    "I have never met anyone who draws nature to her yard the way Lori does!! Her shots are so beautiful, the details are so crisp and clear. Birds sit still and let her take their photo's!! Her beautiful gardens are full of gorgeous day lily's, a real treat for us flower lovers! I can't wait to see what she plants this spring!!! Lori is a women of strong faith which shows in her everyday life. You are a wonderful friend and I am so glad we met!!"

    January 10th, 2009

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    grammyandpoppyk says:

    "I'm delighted to write a testimonial for Daylily18 , whose beautiful heart and gorgeous captures have inspired all of us .
    Lori is a wonderful Flickr Friend who has a kind, gentle spirit. Her gorgeous gardens overflow with daylilies and sweet little birds and her picture perfect photographs have been a joy to view.
    She has used her own experience to assure that her Flickr Friends will be vigilant against cancer and her great honesty and bravery has the amazing potential to save many lives!
    I will be forever grateful to Lori, for her friendship, her photographs, her wonderful sense of humor and her gentle caring.
    If you haven't visited Lori's stream, go check it out - you are in for a serious treat!
    Thank you Lori for the beautiful testimonial you wrote for me. You are one of my favorite Fickr Friends too! :-)"

    December 29th, 2008

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    Peem (pattpoom) says:

    "Lori is the best person who comments on my work and make me smile every time reading her comment. Actually, I never read her comment only once.:) She is also the best talent photographer I've ever seen. Her photostream is full of best quality photos. Not only the photos which teach me a lot to learn, but the photos' descriptions are very nice to read wonderful detail and very lifely. I have to get this opportunity to thanks you for always sharing great works and being so nice to me in this tetimonial written.:)"

    November 6th, 2008

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    starstruck232 says:

    "Lori is a wonderfully talented photographer with an exceptional eye for beauty. Her photo stream is gorgeous and exciting. With all those fantastic day lily shots, I can bet she has a fabulous garden. It has been a true blessing to have her as a Flickr friend. Her comments are always generous and encouraging. Thank you!!!!"

    October 15th, 2008

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    ~Diana Nevermind~ says:

    "Lori comes by her name honestly. She HAS as many daylilies in her garden as l'm sure our local nursery does...(she's my encyclopedia)....I LOVE them all and she has a UNIQUE collection of some of the PRETTIEST ones l've EVER seen.....She loves Nature, her COLLECTION of BIRDS and SUNSETS are as BEAUTIFUL as her flowers.

    If your here reading this, TAKE MY WORD for it, you WILL want to spend some time going through her photostream, you will NOT be disappointed..... :)

    Thank you Lori for being a wonderful Flickr friend and for all your visits and very kind comments. Your support and friendship is wonderful......

    I ALSO look forward to seeing the many other lilies (God help my Spring Budget for flowers) you have in your archives and whatever else you have as a treat for us... :))))

    Thanks again Lori! :))))))"

    October 11th, 2008

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    CritterQueen says:

    "Lori is another one of those people I've met on Flickr that feels like a kindred spirit. We have similar interests and I am drawn to her photostream. Her work is beautiful and inspiring, and I consider her a very very talented artist. Not only that, but she has quickly become a friend, even though we've never met. I look forward to seeing more of her fantastic images and developing a deeper friendship with her. Thanks for all your support and kindness Lori!"

    September 27th, 2008

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    turtlemom4bacon says:

    "Lori, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy having you as a friend!!! You have a very generous personality that shines through your gorgeous photos!!! I never knew there were as many beautiful and different daylilies until I started looking at your fantastic photostream!!! They are all awesome shots with fantastic colors!!
    ((Hugs)) to you, dear friend!!"

    September 5th, 2008

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    crafty_walt says:

    "Lori has been a great Flickr Friend for some time now. She is a very talented photographer. She always responds so quickly with such kind, caring and thoughtful comments and invites, plus she has been there for our support. She is always so encouraging, and makes us feel good about our post. It is so fun to go to Lori's photostream everyday, to see more of her awesome pictures of beautiful birds, awesome flowers and her gardens. We always look forward to see her next posting. Thanks Lori, you are AWESOME and keep those AWESOME pictures coming. Walt and Chloe'"

    July 17th, 2008

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    ♥ artkat0116 ♥ away says:

    "What a pleasure it has been to get to know Lori. Her photostream is always interesting and absolutely gorgeous. My favorites are her photos of birds. They literally take my breath away. They are stunning.
    Always generous in her kind comments and visits, Lori takes the time to share her thoughts and they are always encouraging. She has become a dear friend. I look forward to her visits and I have been truly touched with the love and wisdom she has brought into my life. Thank you Lori for being such an inspiration to me. I love your photography and your precious spirit. You are very special and I am sure everyone who knows you feels the same way."

    June 16th, 2008

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    naturelover2007 says:

    "Lori has a special talent for photography, especially in capturing the beauty of flowers. Her photos are always wonderfully presented and it is a joy to view them.

    Lori is always quick to view and comment on my photos. I appreciate her visits and encouragement. This makes me strive to improve and to share only quality shots.

    Thank you Lori for your visits and your friendship. I look forward to viewing many more of your wonderful photos.

    Happy shooting.


    June 13th, 2008

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    SolsticeSol says:

    "Wonderful and beautiful photos are what is in store for you if you look and wander through Lori's lovely nature images. With each visual treasure you will also find a nice and enlightening description. I have clicked away from her fantastic photos many of times learning something new about birds after viewing her gorgeous photos and wonderful descriptions of them. Which by the way she spoils because she is such a sweetie. :) Not only does she spoil those little feathered darlings, she spoils us also with her always wonderful and encouraging comments. Lori you are such a talented photographer and a wonderful friend, and I am grateful that I had the privilege of meeting you through Flickr.. :)

    June 9th, 2008

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    Lisa Drummond says:

    "What could I say about Lori that hasn't already been said. Her work is amazing. Whether its her flowers or her birds, her photos are an inspiration.
    But shes also a great friend and mentor. When I first started posting photos on flickr, I had NO clue what a was doing. But she was always there with kind words of encouragement and awards and I will always be grateful for all her help. She is an angel.... an angel that takes fantastic photos! :)
    I aspire to be just like her.
    ((((((Hugs))))))) my friend :)

    May 31st, 2008

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    Laura Rowan says:

    "When you look at Lori's photostream, you will be amazed by her talent and eye for nature. Her flower shots and bird shots are second to none. What's more, you will see what a truly beautiful person she is. Lori is a wonderful flickr friend. She is always quick to comment on a photo with her kind words. Though we have never met in person, I consider Lori to be a friend. Be sure to check out her wonderful photos and see how extremely talented she is!"

    May 29th, 2008

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    Gramma Elizabeth says:

    "I first saw Lori's work on Explore...and have clicked in daily ever since. Her shots are truly amazing, breathtaking and always that of the professional. It would be impossible to choose just one favourite photo or subject, for her birds are as wonderful as her flowers!
    Thank you Lori, for giving us all such beauty to enjoy each is a privilege and pleasure to visit your wonderful photostream, and a great inspiration for me to keep learning! Elizabeth :-)"

    May 26th, 2008

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    PhotoDocGVSU says:

    "I guess it's about time I wrote a testimonial for the lady who's photography inspired me to buy a telephoto lens for my new DSLR (one of the best decisions I've ever made).

    The reason Lori was able to inspire me is because she does such masterful work with her Zuiko 70-300. Her avian photography in particular is second to none. The expressions she captures on the faces of our little feathered friends are priceless! Oh, and she happens to be superb at the other end of the scale as well ... not too many photographers can match her macro work with flowers and other colorful objects.

    Essentially, there's something new and beautiful to see in Lori's photostream every day."

    May 20th, 2008

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    *♥* ṡhøώ ṃε υɾ ρïχ *♥* says:

    "I wanted to take a few minutes to write this for Lori...a dear friend of mine that I met on Flickr...I love her photostream...Her floral photography is just amazing...She has so many beautiful images of a variety of different flowers, one more beautiful then the next.....Her bird captures are just fantastic too!!!....

    Aside from her beautiful photostream, Lori has a heart of gold....She is a wonderful person, and always makes a point to stop by my stream and comment on my pics....A wonderful person through and through....

    Thanks so much Lori, for being such a beautiful person and friend...hugsss....smilesssssss....Chris..."

    May 10th, 2008

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