My name is Robert Moltmaker. I believe ideas can transform the world and photography is a way to create ideas. It can do so through the creation of images, but also through its own existence. What I mean by this? Well, for the observer of my work I present an image of the world as I see it. This is photography as a medium for exchange. In order to explain what photography can do by itself to the photographer, let me ask you a question to exemplify. Have you ever wondered how white or blue a cloud can actually be? I hadn’t. Until I had, because of photography.

The astonishment that I feel for the natural world and how dependent we are upon it is reflected in my work. Mostly, the relationship between humanity and the natural world is a recurring theme in my photography. Sometimes though, I will present a ‘scape’, without an obvious relation regarding humanity. It then simply is about the beauty of that perspective: colour, perspective, shape, light or shadow. Whatever the theme of the photo is, through it I try to awaken a sense of modesty or wonder within the observer. An amazing moment, captured forever, perceived endlessly.

As I am from the Netherlands, I am in the privileged position to travel around the world. It seems that there is no limit to the amazement that the world can offer. But I have also seen how we destroy nature. I have seen people in horrible circumstances: true poverty and human disgrace. And I have walked past all this, with my camera. Therefore, I will give something back through my photography and donate 2% of each revenue to The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

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Robert Moltmaker
November 2014
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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