I've been a professional creative for over thirty years. I started as a comic writer and illustrator, graphic designer, video editor, special effects artist, art director, creative director, agency owner, brand development, marketing consultant, cartoonist, copy-writer, and now Chief Marketing Officer. And everything in-between. This portfolio primarily represents the work I've done for the past decade for the Eve Online Community, CCP Games, and other gamers. My pseudonym is Rixx Javix, so you may know me better under that name. RixxJavix.com is our website and our blog is located at EVEOGANDA.


You can find me on Twitter @RixxJavix or @BryanWardpgh. I'm also on Instagram at BryanWard2


Bryan K. Ward • bryanward042@gmail.com • Skype: bryanward042

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  • JoinedSeptember 2007
  • OccupationCreative Professional
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