All images displayed through this account are automatically added when the hashtag 'mtwellington' is used to share an image on Instagram, and are displayed here in accordance with the terms and conditions of Instagram.


All images belong to their respective owners. This platform is for the promotion of those owners and their publicly-shared images, for the sole purpose of promoting and sharing a mutual love of kunanyi / Mt Wellington.


All credit to owners is given wherever known and possible, unless our ability to give credit to respective owners is limited by the platform technologies of Flickr and Instagram.


MWCC reserves the right to remove any images that do not conform to the account purpose. Any image owners who do not wish their image(s) to be shared on this platform can contact MWCC by email (via the official website) and clearly identify their images in question. All prompt care will be taken to remove respective image(s) in a timely manner.

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