Helo, shw mae! Thanks for visiting my Flickr pages. Recently I bought a new camera - something I have wanted for a long time. It has extra meaning for me, as I used some of the money which my Grandmother left to me when she died. I wanted to have something tangible that would remind me of her - and I think she would have enjoyed looking at the photos - so a little bit of her lives on. I love the camera, and it has rekindled the love of photography which I had when I was growing up, except that this time I am not using rolls of film, and then sending them off to the developers - it has turned into an 'instant' hobby. As you'll see, trains and buses are a big focus, but I also like landscapes and seascapes, and well, the everyday details and patterns which you come across.


All the photos are publicly available, and are free to use on other websites, etc., as long as they are attributed to me. I hope you enjoy them. 'Dai Lygad' is a kind of 'nom de plume', as 'dau lygad' means 'two eyes' in Welsh. Diolch!

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