Hands-on-Bristol is a collaboration between the Bristol School of Architecture, University of the West of England and the Bristol community, that seeks to encourage and strengthen knowledge exchange between education programmes and local communities through collaboration in live projects.


Our website (hands-on-bristol.squarespace.com/) aims to become a ‘knowledge hub’ where best ‘live’ practice initiatives undertaken by students and staff at UWE is displayed. Hands-on-Bristol serves as an information link: between UWE students and the Bristol community, as well as UWE academics and the research community. The site is designed primarily to be used in two ways: as a resource that documents and archives the research and knowledge generated through the live projects; and as a site where students and community groups can gain an understanding of the kind of projects that we are engaged in: learning to collaborate and collaborating to learn.


We are always interested in new live projects, and we are always looking for participants and volunteers! If you are interested, please get in touch!


More information: hands-on-bristol.squarespace.com/


This project received Start-up funding as part of HEIF and The University of the West of England Better Together Community Grant.

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