Here you'll find plenty of abandoned buildings, architecture, art, bicycles, books, food & drink, shopping malls, signs, sports, trains & transit (and a few pictures of people). I've photographed every Chicago neighborhood, most of its suburbs, much of the Midwest/Rust Belt, and occasionally elsewhere in or outside the U.S.

I've had an amazing 5+ years on Flickr improving my photography (still all done with point & shoot cameras), developing many new obsessions, and meeting great people. I'm happy to meet Flickr people I follow and to have my photos used, but if you are 1) trying to use one of my photos for a commercial project without paying or 2) a stranger asking about where to find abandoned buildings and how to get in, I probably won't answer. Just sayin'.

I started these Flickr groups but might not do the best job keeping them up: Bicycling Chicago, Northwest Indiana, Signs of Detroit, Walgreens, Louis Sullivan, Architect, and Albert Kahn, Architect.

See also: mod as hell (my other Flickr for historic scans, vintage kitsch, things found in abandoned buildings, etc.), my Twitter, my sports (hockey-focused) blog, a little chippy, my Goodreads, and my blog about the above interests and obsessions (includes non-Flickr photos!), City of Destiny

(There are many more photos of me on here; I just loathe that Flickr posts them on your profile, where I do not want them displayed. But I guess I'll start adding them)

Photos of katherine of chicago (8)

  • 620 E 3rd by plasticfootball
  • KofC at 620 E 3rd by plasticfootball
  • Santa has (finally) left the building by katherine of chicago
  • birthday pizza! Harris Pizza, Bettendorf, IA by katherine of chicago
  • Chicago Public Library exhibit on the Chicago L (the first time any of my Flickr photos have been in a show) by katherine of chicago
  • self-portrait, abandoned women's prison by katherine of chicago
  • banners, abandoned factory by katherine of chicago
  • ChiFlickr Meetup - 12/12/12 by phule

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    tombarnes20008 says:

    "A veritable catalogue of architectural styles and sly wit mark Katherine's photostream. A sure bet for an interesting find."

    March 15th, 2009

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    Oxford 4 says:

    "I once commented on a photograph that Katherine took of a lovely terrazzo floor noting that: "katherine of chicago was likely the patron saint of all things terrazzo and urban". I still believe this to be true, and if I'm lucky, someday I might acquire some of that uncanny ability to turn urban into artwork."

    January 3rd, 2009

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    loungelistener says:

    "Katherine is a great person, and her photostream my guidebook in finding great signs and cool things to see during my trips to Chicago. Without her generous and kind help, I wouldn't have found 1/4 of the cool stuff I did. What a treasure she is!"

    August 20th, 2008

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    Mr. Montrose says:

    "Katherine somehow gets shots of every endangered or abandoned building in Chicago & other places..
    Katherines photos inspire me to continue my archiving projects, and the new idea to photo every CTA station is pretty damn cool!
    I see your photos in almost every flickr pool Im part of! Great work!"

    February 7th, 2008

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