Jazz It Up !!!
by Simone Vimercati

An eclettic mix of new, old and classic sounds with no time and one common thing: Jazz Music. This is the aim of "Jazz It Up !!!".
A selection where Jazz is mixed but without borders and limits of time and genres, which often bring this music to be a niche's phenomenon for experts and purists.
During this appointment, I give you a cocktail of pleasant and good quality music that goes from instrumental to vocal jazz, from soul to funky, from latin to rare grooves or new electric sounds.
This is also to show everybody that jazz is not a musical genre, but a style, an attitude to express ourselves through the music. This attitude keeps on evolving and it has no limits. It is a music that embraces many listeners' generations: from the youngest, who can discover the past's giants through new artists, to the the eldest who will get amazed by listening to the music's evolution of jazz, soul and funk.
I wish you a good listening: let you cherish by "Jazz It Up !!!".

"Jazz It Up !!!" radioshow is available through radios, web radios, platforms for streaming on-demand and podcast.

See all info on the website www.jazzitup.it
Contact: info@jazzitup.it

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Simone Vimercati
March 2014
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Jazz It Up !!!