I've always enjoyed photography and the digital age has taken hold. I'm now a confirmed "birder" !

It's amazing the wealth of knowledge and skill that's out there in the flickr community. My flickr contacts truly make this an enjoyable experience. It is so interesting to find yourself in any part of the world developing friendships that will last a life time.

Feel free to add me as a contact if your willing to stay in contact. I simply tend to block those who 'fav' everything and never comment, thank you !

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  • Yellow Warbler (Dendroica petechia) by Hamilton Images
  • Zebra-tailed Lizard (Callisaurus draconoides) by Hamilton Images
  • Eared Grebe (Podiceps nigricollis) by Hamilton Images
  • Desert Cottontail (Sylvilagus auduboni) by Hamilton Images
  • Leg up! by peaceslave
  • Hiatus by peaceslave
  • Happy Super Duper Crazy Holidays! by peaceslave
  • What will the night bring? by peaceslave
  • How Beautiful by peaceslave
  • A Hole to Escape by peaceslave
  • DSC_0179 by Martin6203
  • Happy September! by peaceslave

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    jc-pics says:

    "Chuck (starc283) and I have been best friends for most of our adult lives. We're very lucky to also share the same hobby, and that is photography. We have been on many wonderful wildlife shoots together (and yes we drag the wives along sometimes) and I must say that I have witnessed first-hand his transition from a being a beginner digital photographer to being one of the best wildlife photographers on Flickr.

    He'll probably laugh when he reads this, but I know that I am not alone in thinking that he has become a fantastic photographer and keeps improving every time goes on a shoot. He is a seasoned hunter and he uses some of the same skills and techniques to photograph wildlife as he has most of his life while hunting it. That's why I will never come up to his level of wildlife photography. He has the patience and experience to stalk wildlife in their natural habitat and knows and understands their habits and natural distrust and fear of humans. He uses that experience to be at the right place at the right time to witness and to record the beauty of nature.

    Chuck, keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your love of nature and photography with me...you are the teacher and I am your humble student.


    March 14th, 2010

Chuck Starr
August 2007
Midwest, USA
I am:
starr.chuck [at] yahoo.com