The Motivation for the Beginnings:

I believe our existence has a purpose. I believe our only true obligation in life is to listen to our heart and discover what it is that we’re here for. I’m here to help conserve our remaining wilderness areas by inspiring people to experience the scenes I’ve witnessed. By doing so I hope to raise our awareness of the importance of conservation and to ultimately influence changes in our attitudes.


The Present Direction:

As my photography evolves I now aim to produce images with a message and to inject my soul into them. Today I aim to produce images with a vision to inspire people to live life more simply. I believe our lives our increasingly becoming more complex and I believe we can live a richer life by simplifying it and appreciating the very few things that truly bring happiness into our life. Therefore my images now portray a more minimalist style. They aim to simplify the complicated mess that a landscape can be and focus on trying to capture space, light and textures. Long as I remember I’ve subconsciously tried to simplify everything in my life, one of my core values, and so incorporating this approach into my photography has been a natural progression. It’s this underlying vision that guides all the choices I make in my photography today along with a willingness to experiment to try and be different.

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