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I like to be different places in the world all at once. I like to (like everyone else nowadays) see the world. Travel and indulge. I embrace differences like no other. I dislike ignorance, but I still do see the kindness present in people. It's hard to be selfless.


One day, I would invent a camera that can be fitted to our human optic nerves. So I wouldn't dispair anymore. When I look through my view finder, it is so different from the picture I've imagined it to be. And for it to go through so many techy equipment, processed and reprocessed, and resulting in an air-brushed like painting rather than a click-click, snap-snap photo.


I do not like "photoshop-ping" a photograph. But at times, it's essential. I like things raw. I make learning difficult for myself so I can benefit from the tough ways.


I love pictures and creating them is my honour. Only creating them to the best of my ability is currently under improvement. You, (all you flickrs) please, please aid me on my journey, just as you had pathed out. I want to clear a route for myself. Not yours, nor the most popular, or the prettiest. But mine.

Flawlessly mine.


I view my contacts' pictures and find myself creating photographs amongst giants.



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