I'm a freelance illustrator with a keen interest in birds and moths. I love to photograph just about anything that has wings, and even a few things that don't! Most of my photos are taken in southern Ontario and UK, but also anyplace I happen to travel to. I like to visit new places, mostly to watch birds, but also moths, butterflies and dragonflies.


I've long been interested in photography, but it's since I acquired a DSLR that it's really taken off for me. I mostly photograph moths, but am quite keen on birds too these days. I use Canon equipment.


In my real life I paint birds for various field guides. At the moment I'm painting plates for new guides to Brazil and Bolivia. I've also recently completed two Peterson field guides to the moths of northeastern and southeastern North America - check 'em out!


I have a deep passion for the Neotropics, but find myself veering towards the Old World again these days! I grew up in deepest Kent, UK, but have lived in Toronto with my wife Katie and son James for quite some time now. I love to visit UK as often as possible...

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