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It’s been said that there’s really nothing new to photograph - that it’s all been done before. And certainly when you view some of images on the social media sites, it’s easy to believe that’s true. In today’s world just about everyone has access to a camera, whether a cell phone camera, a point and shoot, or a more advanced camera. Not surprisingly there are a plethora of apps and plug-ins devoted to making all these images more compelling by rendering them with various canned artistic looks. But often the final images are really not all that unique.

However there are still some outstanding and innovative photographers who continue to forge into new territory and create images that stand out from the masses. Corrie White is one such photographer. In only a few short years, her initial basic curiosity about water droplet photography has become her passion. After she mastered the basics, she began experimenting with lights, materials, timing, and methods. In so doing she has pioneered techniques such as the three droplet splash and having multiple droplets in a single image by using multiple exposures. Corrie has advanced water droplet photography into an art form that results in images that are revered worldwide!

Corrie began with only the most modest of tools - medicine droppers, containers, a camera, and as she says, a good sense of timing. She now uses more sophisticated equipment, including a Mumford Time Machine, that enables her to create even more unusual shapes and forms within the water droplets. Corrie is not satisfied to merely replicate what others have done. Rather she is driven to innovate and create the extraordinary.

Some photographers in Corrie’s position are reluctant to share their trade secrets, but Corrie openly shares everything she has learned in her e-book, “The Ultimate Guide To Water Droplet Photography.” For those wanting to learn how she creates her magic, the ebook guide is invaluable. Seeing a single one of her water splashes is nice, but the fact is, they’re addicting. One is never enough - you feel like you must see more and more. Each splash is unique and the resulting water images are unparalleled.

- Ellen Anon -

Thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy the show.

Corrie White

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    NET73, Over the years! says:

    "I don’t normally do testimonials for people I don’t know in person but I decided I should for those few who’s photostreams I follow. I think your work is amazing and I get a lot from them. I have still got a lot to learn but your work inspirers me, gives me ideas of my own and makes me want to do more and try harder myself! For that reason I want to thank you! Keep up the great work!"

    March 6th, 2010

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    Abdulkarim Al Dulayqan |  says:

    "Corrie White you are an amazing photographer especially with water drops picture's

    I get inspired from your picture's

    And i have learned from your setup's a lot

    I hope to you the best in your life ...

    Feb / 25 / 2010"

    February 25th, 2010

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    spettacolopuro says:

    "Corrie has some amazing water drop pictures in her stream. She enjoys herself experimenting with different set ups and it really shows in her stunning photos. She never fails to leave me admired in front of her last shot. But, more important, she is always there willing to help us all, sharing her techniques and picture's details as well as commenting our work.
    A truly kind flickr friend :-)

    October 14th, 2009

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    Lucem~Ferre says:

    "Corrie has obviously mastered water drop photography!! It's easy to enjoy her art and she is very helpful when asked about the techniques she uses. Furthermore her creativeness not only shows in her work but also in the titles she gives her photos, her work simply comes to life :) A pleasure for her to be a contact."

    September 20th, 2009

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    2k Photography says:

    "Corrie is one of the few photographers that I really admire on flickr... All of her photos are inspiring and so are the constructive comments and suggesions that she frequently drops in. I epecially like how good she is at capturing high speed photographs that I can only dream of. :) You need to check out all those creative shots of drops in her photostream.

    The best in life for you. Happy clicking.


    April 29th, 2009

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    eudald_alabau says:

    "I'm Eudald Alabau a catalan sculptor that works at the Pyrenyan area near Barcelona. Many thanks for your kindly comments about my experiences. This winter i have work hard with ice. I'm also fascinated for your beatiful photos about nature, animals, and frozen rivers. Thank you very much for catching beauty.Greetings, Eudald"

    March 17th, 2009

Corrie White
July 2007
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