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My name is Allan. I have been taking photos for many years that have just been snapshots of whats going on in my life, friends, family, vacations, etc. The past few years I had been using various point and shoot cameras and hadn't really thought much about taking any serious pictures. It wasn't until a friend of mine bought a DSLR that I saw the flaws my little point and shoot cameras had. I am very interested in nature shots and what I was using wouldnt cut it. In June 2007 I decided to take the leap into DSLRs and bought a Canon 30D. To my wifes dismay I have added some rather expensive lenses too.


Most of my nature type shots seem to involve birds. I never really considered myself a "birder", but I enjoy finding the many species around me. I am having almost as much fun researching the different birds I find as I do shooting them. My DSLR has opened up a whole new world for me and has now peaked the interest of my wife and daughter. Flicker has been a great avenue for us to share our pictures. I hope you will check in often.



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