I've shot more than 1 million images using almost every conceivable type of camera in my sixty years as an amateur and professional photographer. My passion for photography began at the age of eleven when my parents bought me a "Brownie" box camera. As a young man I was fortunate enough to meet and take classes and seminars from renowned photographers Ansel Adams and Pete Turner. I have worked as a professional photographer for many years and though I'm now retired I take photographs for my own pleasure.

My photographs have appeared in magazines, corporate brochures, corporate annual reports, calendars, travel brochures, and books. More recently I've contributed photographs and articles to a number of photoblogs.

Some of my past clients include the Southern California Automobile Association (Westways Magazine), Sunset Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, Orange County Business Magazine, The Irvine Company, Newhall Farm and Land Company, The Huntington Library, Southern Pacific Railroad, Evergreen Airlines, Western Airlines, Boy Scouts of America, American Windparks Inc. and the City of Los Angeles Department of Airports. My stock photos were represented for many years by After Image Inc. and Tony Stone International. I am a Flickr Getty Photographer. I began taking personal digital photographs with my first point and shoot digital camera in 2003 and reawakened my interest in serious photography in 2008 when I bought my first digital SLR. I explore new avenues of digital photography and of photoediting software every day.

I've always believed that the best images are produced in the brain and by the eye of the photographer, not by his equipment.

Prints of all of the photographs displayed are available for purchase. All of my photographs are copyrighted.

I am married and live in Westlake Village, California.

My photos can also be seen and purchased at



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I am a Getty Contributor

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    Jim Dollar says:

    "Larry has The Eye and the technical know-how, both with cameras and computers, to see a scene and the scenes-within-the-scene, capture, preserve, and present them as photographs which gift the viewer with the grace and beauty Larry saw. That's a photographer for you. And a genius. Nice going, Larry! We all are blessed by your seeing and showing what you've seen. And we are grateful!"

    May 29th, 2012

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    lyndaslens EF50mm says:

    "Writing a testimonial by someone as "unexposed" in so many of the intricacies of the art of photography as I am, and to write it about someone so incredibly knowledgeable and talented as Larry is ......... well, it's almost like PeeWee Herman teaching Julia Childs how to cook. I don't know a great deal about many of the current capabilities of this digital world and medium, software, et al ....... so I have to rely on my own basic and very limited knowledge of manually capturing an image, and hopefully portraying it with the depth of the impact that it had on you at the time of firing off that shutter.
    The bottom line is this: Larry GETS IT!! and he doesn't just GET IT ............. he gets it BIGTIME!!!! He sees an image, and that image reaches into his gut and his heart, and he can't think of anything else until he has captured it in all its' soul-wrenching capacity. When I look at Larry's exposures, I know that I am looking into Larry's heart ............ and what a beautiful heart it is, with great sensitivity and uncompromising depth of talent. Combine these factors with a brain that probably measures an IQ about 140 or more, and voila' ---------- you get these amazing, simply breathtaking images that suck you into their every detail ............ a visual smorgasborg that won't let you move on until you've taken the time to enjoy each and every colour and perspective. Mixed into this complex recipe is a man who is comfortable enough within himself and his art to take the time to encourage someone with as limited self-taught skill and experience as myself. I have said from day one when Larry first spotted and acknowledged something on my steam ........ I am in awe, that someone with his tremendous abilities, knowledge, and talent would find time to recognize anything that I have been lucky enough to capture and image. You are a good friend, Larry, and I am so honoured to share this passion with you. Your mentor, Ansel Adams, wrote:
    "......... I purchased a box of Autochromes, a color filter, necessary chemicals, and a pamphlet of directions, and proceeded to expose four plates. I got ONE good one, and THREE worthless ones. Besides, I dropped the new filter and busted it. A rather expensive trial, I must say, but now that I have the 'hang of it', I will do better. Those Autochromes are without doubt the highest mark in photographic science to date, but are still impracticable for general use. Perhaps we will soon be printing in colours --- we hope so, anyway, for to have but one transparency, and not able to reproduce it is hard times when you wish to give one away. However, the ordinary black and white photographs are all right, and you can make a million prints, not dollars, off one negative if you wish."
    from a letter to Virginia Best, (Ansel Adams' future wife), September, 1921.
    Ansel Adams reveals a certain frustration, but also a determination to learn and grow and absorb the changing photographic horizons at all costs ........... I see Larry approaching photography the same way. Thank you, Larry, for your support and your acceptance and your encouragement. They help a small fry more than you can imagine."

    September 25th, 2011

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    Jackpicks says:

    "I think the luckiest event in my time on Flickr was to have Lawrence Goldman comment on one of my photos. I wandered over to his site, like I often do when someone pays me a visit, and immediately felt like I had struck the mother lode. Here was a virtual gold mine of great photos, with nary a dud in the bunch. No burnt-out skies, no plugged-up shadows. And colors that are vivid, but true, with none of the garish over-saturation that is so much in vogue these days. As an added bonus, he often takes multiple shots of the same spot, which makes me feel like I am following him around, watching him work a scene, shooting high and low, horizontally and vertically. It is both entertaining and instructive to view his work. I am amazed that he still has so much enthusiasm after working a full career as a pro. That combination of zeal and proficiency is unbeatable, which no doubt explains why I have become addicted to his site."

    March 8th, 2011

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    ImranAnwar says:

    "In this day and age words like hero and friend have lost their meaning. Feed a kitten and you're a hero. Connect with a total stranger on Facebook and you're a friend. In the same day and age, when everyone can get a camera and fancy themselves a photographer (myself being one I suppose LOL), it is wonderful to meet people like Larry (whom I have not met in person but am happy to call a friend) online and develop a bond. A wonderful gentleman friend in the original sense of the word, I appreciate him, and his comments and visits to my pages, and, despite not being a big fan of HDR (sorry, Larry, LOL) that gets abused by so many people, I do enjoy his work and great photos. Having a shared interest in word play is an added bonus. :-)


    May 24th, 2010

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    J u n g a says:

    "I could try to wax poetic and give you my impressions of Larry Goldman. He is a very kind, talented photographer. I met Larry last summer when we began conversing over photography here at flickr. Larry has been shooting pictures for over 50 years. I was first drawn into his work when I saw some aerial shots that he had scanned and posted onto flickr. His composition is always perfection. His colors, vibrant and from another universe. They say that you can not teach an old dog new tricks. This is wrong. Larry Goldman is evidence that one that spent decades shooting film can seamlessly move into digital and be fantastic.

    We both go back and forth with comments on our collective pictures. I take Larry's comments on my pictures with great credence. He is a professional and has been creating beauty for 1/2 a century.

    Thank you Larry for your friendship, your critiques and your ongoing marvelous additions to our world of aesthetic value."

    May 12th, 2010

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    Aqua0646 (Pat) says:

    "I have been a fan of Larry Goldman's work for over 30 years! He has a passion for photography with an eye for bold images in natural settings. As a result, he is able to capture the essence of each image he photographs. He is a master photographer who can convey feelings of wonder and awe to his viewers. Larry seeks to document his own personal experiences by capturing just the right scene or event to share with others. He has a cunning eye and a great sense of composition which is reflected in his artistically composed shots. It is evident that his ability to utilize just the right natural lighting makes his work dramatic.

    My friend Larry has seamlessly transitioned from 35mm to digital and he occasionally uses cutting-edge technology such as Photoshop to enhance his photos without losing the integrity of the original image. He has also been known to add a bit of whimsy to his photos by intentionally blurring or creatively cropping selected shots.

    Encouraging and supportive are two adjectives that describe Larry. He supports his friends in the photographic community by giving honest feedback about their work, and he graciously accepts feedback in return. Larry has really helped me critique my work by giving me valuable pointers. Take a look at his work and you will agree with me, Larry is truly a dedicated artist!"

    August 14th, 2009

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    Keithm1 says:

    "Larry takes a mean shot – just look through his photostream and you’ll see I'm not wrong!

    He combines a huge depth of experience with complete mastery of his medium. You can see from the photodstream that he’s been at it for a long time and his deep seated understanding is rooted in the time before digital. His shots using the excellent but unforgiving Kodachrome and its slightly more easy going brother Ektachrome show this. He took huge pains with exposure to get the image he wanted because with colour reversal film you have no choice – no option to tinker – none at all. He still takes the same great pains to get the shot he wants from the get-go, this often results, it seems to me, in a series of excellent photographs about a related topic. Good photos do happen by accident – but not as often as some of us might like. Larry’s photos are good and accidents have nothing to do with it. Keep ‘em coming Larry!"

    August 10th, 2009

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    © David J Peacock - www.davidjpeacock.ca says:

    "I can't believe that mine is the first testimonial. Larry is an old-school photographer who likes to get things right in the camera, leaving digital image manipulation to be called upon for minor enhancement as opposed to relying on it as a crutch. In the time I have gotten to know Larry, I have seen endless excellence from him - both film and digital - and a sheer mastery of the end-to-end photographic process that eludes many others.

    In addition to the quality of Larry's work, the element that makes me write this testimonial is that he's a great friend and collaborator. Larry not only invites criticism, but actively encourages it, feeds back, and learns from it. Furthermore, Larry is keen to provide insightful comments on the work of others, instead of empty praise.

    Larry was one of my first contacts on Flickr, and has become a good friend."

    August 5th, 2009

Lawrence Goldman
July 2007
Los Angeles, CA
Westlake Village, United States
I am:
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Retired (Photographer, Consultant and Urban Planner)