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I'm a Dane living in Copenhagen. Photography was a big hobby for me as teenager (analog non-AF SLR), but then put on complete hold for many years until sometime around 2003 where I purchased a 2 megapixel digital compact. Slowly photography grow as a hobby for me again, and in 2007 I purchased my first DSLR.

Somehow frustrated with the direction Flickr has taken for some time, I pretty much stopped using this site a couple of years. But in summer 2015 I decided to fix Flickr instead of crying about it, so I created Stig's Flickr Fixr. You should try it! :-)

Try my Flickr Fixr browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox

I have tons of non-posted photos on my harddisks waiting to be curated and processed, and don't know when I ever find the time for it. The queue includes stuff from various European cities, two Iceland trips, roadtrip to Normandy & Brittany, and trips to Sweden (incl. Gotland), Ireland, Italy, Liberia, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, California and more. So...

... so at the beginning of 2018 I made a New Year’s Resolution saying I should post something on Flickr every week this year. This might be new shots, but maybe even more important trying to get through some of all the old stuff waiting on my HDs. So most of the photos I'll expect to be posting in 2018 will be old stuff, but it will be new on Flickr.

Using my photos?...
Most of my pictures are licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution license which allows you to use my pictures elsewhere as long as you give me credit for the original work (My name and preferable together with a www-address/link to the Flickr photopage).

Me, elsewhere...
Rockland - My (danish) homepage/weblog.
Google+ - Among other things, has been used to post best from my Flickr account and sneak previews of things to come later to Flickr. But not really active anymore there.
Twitter - Not very active onsite, but occasionally post links to some of my photos.
Instagram - Giving it a test-drive...
Facebook - I do not upload photos to Facebook, but sometimes post links. Service primarily used to keep in contact with friends (Sending me Facebook messages is generally a bad idea. I might not see them. I do not have FB's Messenger app installed).
LinkedIn - Do you want to offer me a job to travel around the World to take pictures of exiting things and places? ;-)
Planet 7D - A project of mine running on half power. A site for Canon EOS 7D (any version) users.
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    Mollenborg says:

    "Once I visited Stig, he had several photoes on his wall from a photosafari in Africa.
    After that visit I decided to resume my own amateur photography again.
    Stig was also the person who introduced me to Flickr - back in the 'old' Flickr days..
    Stig really make some very good photos and he is a constant source of inspiration for my own photography."

    May 18th, 2008

Stig Nygaard
May 2005
I am:
IT Developer