My pictures are organised as Sets (within Collections), and should be viewed that way, unless you are searching for a specific tag of course.

The sequence of the Photostream is arbitrary and meaningless, and I don't have the inclination to reorganize it.


Any SLIDES are scanned using Vuescan, driving a Plustek 7300.

Older slides are dirty or discoloured and may have blemishes. The dates of the slides are not accurate.

The DIGITAL pictures (2006 onwards) are best seen in Set sequence (medium or large) or Slideshow format. Only recent, digital, pictures have detailed captions and tags.

Many tags are added from memory, maps and guide books or from Google. If you find any mistakes please let me know.



Although I have some photo editing software, I rarely use it; Mostly shoot JPEG, so processing is limited anyway. The computing side doesn't really interest me. I rather spend my time making photographs!


I will be flattered if you comment, pick favourites or follow me, BUT IF YOU HAVE NOTHING PUBLIC YOURSELF I WILL BLOCK YOU!

Feel free to copy, subject to the usual Flickr and copyright rules, but please tell me about it and provide a link-back.

I rarely join groups (certainly not the "award" types!).

You can copy to your group, but do not add notes or tags. I will delete those and may block you.


I have been an amateur photographer on-and-off for 50 years, but more often off than on! Often only made photographs during holidays, trips etc; and these were perforce often more like snaps than photographs. Many of the early efforts have not survived.


Retired now, and taking it a little more seriously. I have a lot to learn, so feel free to comment. I do not aim to produce "art", just better photographs.


I used a Minolta Dynax 700si, a Konica Minolta 5D and a Sony A700 (and others, from Agfa Clack upwards!). Now I use a Sony Alpha 55; and occasionally various compacts, especially a Sony HX90 and RX100 Mk3. I have a handful of mostly cheap-ish lenses, mostly zooms, from Minolta, Sigma, Tamron, Tokina and Sony.


I shoot anything and everything, but mostly interested in "scapes" (eg landscapes, townscapes etc), nature and wildlife.


I do not use geotagging. I have given up on GPS, as it is not always very accurate and the location names are often wrong or misspelt.

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