These photos are a collection of moments frozen in time and place. The primary purpose of this site is documentation of events and experiences.
My 25 years with Burning Man has produced most of the imagery, generated many ideas and spawned several websites.
In 1991, I drove the first 'art car' to Burning Man:
In 1992, organized the Black Rock Rangers:
an idea which eventually began to grow:

I was a member of the Billboard Liberation Front from 1989 to 1994 and participated in several major advertising campaigns.
The most notable hit:
BLF staff photo:

In 1995, I developed the Black Rock Rangers logo, a design which was later trademarked as the Burning Man community symbol:

In 1997, I began the Burning Man transpo & storage system by acquiring the first shipping container for the Rangers. 15 years later, there were over 200 shipping containers in the Burning Man fleet and container #ZERO became an art project:
Advocating the use of containers for artists, I was one of the first tenants at The Boxshop in San Francisco, and at The Shipyard in Berkeley.

In 2001, I took the burning idea on a roadtrip, which was the first seed of the Regionals program:
and that year, reported my experiences at Black Rock:
which predated and inspired the 2009 start of the Burning Man Blog:

In 2005, I was a member of the BORG2 rebellion, which launched an invasion that reinvigorated the art at Burning Man.
BORG2 was a non-profit organization that provided tax-deductible funding for art on the playa at Burning Man 2005.
Burning Man art funding was doubled in 2006 after BORG2 disbanded.

My interest in fire and machines was fueled as member of Survival Research Labs during the years 1992 to 1997:
I worked the historic Crimewave show when Mark Pauline got arrested:

In 1997, I assisted with the installation of furniture on the side of an abandoned building:

My 12 years as an event organizer with the Cacophony Society has also contributed many photos:
and led to the destruction of 500 television sets on Oct 22, 1994:
and then, a month later, I helped launch another culture jamming institution:
which invaded the virtual world on Dec 9, 2007:
Other traditions got started during this era, including:

In 2008, I established BURN2 as the first official Burning Man Regional event in the virtual world:

In 2009 I gave the Burning Opera it's name and became involved in its production:
Also in 2009, I helped launch Ephemerisle, the 1st floating community festival:

Add to this my interest in costumes, art cars, abandoned buildings, technology, robotics, communications and consciousness. I have many computers, no television set, and the only sports I watch are those that I am participating in. I have been removing the labels from my clothes long before Cayce Pollard.

But by far the most intense images in my collection are those recorded only in the memory of experience.

If you want to friend me on Facebook, I would at least like to have conversation first:
And if we have met sometime in the past, keep in mind that I exceeded the Dunbar Number many years ago:

I strive to maintain a high signal to noise ratio on the Danger Twitterblog:

I have a few videos here:

(Researchers interested in printed and written material can find my Cacophony Society archive in the San Francisco Main Library, and my Burning Man archive in the Bancroft Library in Berkeley, the Museum of Art in Reno and the University of Nevada in Reno.

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